palet Add 3 New Members

palet 2017

palet has announced the addition of 3 new members.

Revealed at the groups recent performance at Tokyo AKIBA Culture’s Theatre, the three members are Habara Yuka, Tanda Hazuki, and Saitou Yurina:

Twitter accounts have already been revealed as well (Only Yurina’s account seems to be new, the others appear to be Yuka and Hazuki’s personal accounts):

After the graduation of Igusa Riona, it seems like palet was in need of some new members and thankfully that has finally changed. Their addition also brings back the total number of members back to 8, bringing them back to their 8 member lineup from 2015.

Right off the bat they seem like talented additions, with Habara Yuka already standing out as my favorite off the group (how can you say no to that smile?).

I look forward to seeing how these three manage to leave their mark in the group, but for now welcome to the group Habara, Tanda, and Saitou! | palet OHP