GANG PARADE Look Back At Their Past In The MV For “CAN’T STOP”

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GANG PARADE look back at their past in the MV for CAN’T STOP.

Out January 8th, 2019, the track is part of their album titled LAST GANG PARADE.

Have you ever seen someone’s photos as a baby being played to some music? Well, if you think that kind of video is pretty entertaining then you’ll probably enjoy the latest GANG PARADE MV.

In it we get to see baby pictures from each one of the members. That’s about it. Nothing too impressive apart from a handful of typically adorable pictures of kids being kids. However, the true joy of this release is the song.

From the light electronic effects used to the vocals from the members, the light ballad feel is truly a delight. Yes, it’s a bit too slow for some but the fact that they used this song to represent the theme of the video is a nice touch and one that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Is it a bit too simple? Absolutely, but it’s that simplicity which makes this release a true joy. Get ready to be blasted to the past in the MV below!


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