Aina the End Gets Seductive In MONDO GROSSO’s “False Sympathy” MV

BiSH Aina the End

BiSH member Aina the End gets seductive in the MV for False Sympathy.

Out March 21st, the track is part of a collaboration with MONDO GROSSO’s new album titled Attune / Detune.

Aina the End is known for a lot of things. Her raspy and talented voice, her fun personality, and now she’s known for making several wota wish they were mirrors.

This MV is something else, with scenes showing Aina as she dances against a mirror, dances on some chairs, on the floor, and more in a rather short dress that shows off Aina’s end. Add in a slow and adult electronic beat and you’ll have a good idea what to expect.

Taking the visuals aside, this release captures Aina’s talent well. Not many singers can sing passionate electronic ballads only to be covered in mud the next day in a not-idol group. This is only one step of many she will take in her singing career and I’m excited to see what we will see from her next.

For now, enjoy the MV below and avoid watching it at work!

False Sympathy
MONDO GROSSO feat Aina the End

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