BILLIE IDLE Rock Out In Space For Their “P.S.R.I.P.” MV

billie idle p.s.r.i.p.

BILLIE IDLE rock out in space for the MV of their new single titled P.S.R.I.P.

Out March 21st, the single will be released in one edition.

In this MV we get the delightful return of the animated BILLIE IDLE members as they make their way through a space ship and rock out from time to time. It’s subtle and it reuses a lot of scenes, but it’s definitely interesting to see them as they make their way through the ship.

How about that song though? P.S.R.I.P. is incredibly punk and packed full of great vocals, but the visuals definitely take the center stage for this release. That and the scene where they wipe out an entire army of space demons by simply standing. Now that’s metal.

Check out their MV below and grab a copy of that single!


billie idle p.s.r.i.p. cover



  1. P.S.R.I.P.
  2. End Roll
  3. P.S.R.I.P. (Instrumental)
  4. End Roll (Instrumental)

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