NMB48’s Miyuki Watanabe Announced Graduation

NMB48 Miyuki Watanabe

NMB48 has announced that Miyuki Watanabe will be graduating from the group.

The announcement was done at their performance at NMB48 on April 13th. There is no clear date for her graduation set yet.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the exact reason for her graduation was released but it seems like she will be remaning in show business. According to fans, she was talking about her graduation at the end of the performance with tearful eyes.

Her decision to leave was apparently made up in December 2015, so it’s been a decision she has thought about for a while. It seems like she does want to leave newer generations have their share of the spotlight so it’s good to see that she is thinking of them.

Best of luck Miyuki Watanabe!