Idol College “Gamushara Fighter” MV Released

Idol College Album Regular

Idol College have released the MV for their upcoming track titled Gamushara Fighter.

The track is part of their new album titled idolcollege which will be releasing April 20th. The album will be available in CD only and CD/DVD, with the DVD featuring the following MVs:

Idol College Album Limited
  • Gamushara Fighter
  • Ano ko ga, Kami wo, Kiranai Riyuu
  • True End Player
  • #Tokonatsu Joshi Kibou!!!
  • Be My☆Zombie
  • Ichizu Recipe
  • Making of for Gamushara Fighter

As expected of the title and the name of the group, Idol College show off an upbeat song that is sure to have you humming along. It’s a solid song and one that fans of idol music will love!

The main standout of the MV is not the music, but instead the MV which is not cut at all and features a continuous take. This is among the hardest shots to do since everything has to be perfect, but thankfully it seems like everything went according to plan.

It’s an upbeat song with an interesting theme, so it’s well recommended for you to check out after the break alongside the full track list!

Idol College OHPidolcollege Album Page | CDJapan

  1. Gamushara Fighter
  2. Ano ko ga, Kami wo, Kiranai Riyuu
  3. Ichizu Recipe
  5. Hikari no Naka he
  6. Love/Like
  7. True End Player
  8. Harmonia
  9. Myself
  10. Be My☆Zombie
  11. NG Word~Kimi ga Suki~
  12. #Tokonatsu Joshi Kibou!!!
  13. Seigi no Kokoro〜Heiwa no tame ni〜
  14. This is it〜Eien Shoujo〜