[Updated] Perfume “FLASH” Full MV Released

Perfume Cosmic Explorer Album

[Updated 4.12: Full MV is up after the break!]

Perfume have released the short MV of their upcoming track titled FLASH.

The song is part of their new album titled COSMIC EXPLORER which will be releasing on April 6th.

The preview might be short and the setting might be literally just a concrete floor and white walls, but the MV manages to show off a side of Perfume that many normally don’t see with a minimalistic look.

The dance, the subtle lines that form here and there as they move, and the beat of the song all combine to form a solid MV that is hard to explain but a treat to enjoy.

It’s a must see for everyone so head over the break and get a copy of the album while you’re at it since Perfume are promising an amazing treat for everyone!

Perfume OHP | CDJapan

Short Version

Full MV