Nakaoki Rin Will Graduate From Up Up Girls (2)

Up Up Girls 2 Nakaoki Rin

Nakaoki Rin has announced that she will graduate from Up Up Girls (2) and retire from the entertainment industry.

According to the announcement, Rin has given more thought to her future as in the past few years. With her high school graduation coming up, she decided that now was the best time to challenge herself and graduate from Up Up Girls (2) to dedicate herself to it.

Her graduation is set for December 31st.

Seeing an idol pursue her dreams is certainly an occasion that is worth celebrating and it seems like Takahagi Chinatsu, the leader of Up Up Girls (2) agrees. She comments that she feels happy for Rin for pursuing her dreams.

We might only have a couple of weeks left with Rin as part of the group but it’s worth checking out one of her final performances before she leaves. For now, we wish Nakaoki Rin the best of luck with her career!