Shuukan Idol – Double Edition (November 26 – December 9)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we are covering 2 weeks worth of highlights with this post. Included are a variety of MVs from groups such as Maison book girl, Up Up Girls (2), and more. Add in a surprise graduation and an expected departure and you have our 9 highlights of the week!


> FES☆TIVE turn up the fanservice to 11 in the MV for Yura Yura Yurari Koi Gokoro

Fanservice is a staple in certain idol groups. It seems like FESTIVE are heading in that direction with their latest MV which shows off a rather touching love triangle story sprinkled with several scenes of the members kissing each other. It’s going to appeal to some so if you’re interested make sure to check it out!

> Malcom Mask McLaren chill comfortably in the heavy “LaLaLa” MV

After losing two founding members, MMM were pretty much up in the air. Thankfully they’ve gained one new member and seem to be as intense as ever, with their latest MV being a great example of it. Easycore beats and chill relaxing at home are all included in the MV above!

> Former Morning Musume member Sayashi Riho leaves Up-Front

Well, this was expected. Riho has been out of the public eye for 3 years already and not surprisingly it seems like she confirmed that she won’t be coming back. More details are available above, including details about what she will be doing from now on. Best of luck Riho!

> Up Up Girls (2) wear wedding dresses in the MV for Kakatte Kinasai

This was a rather unexpected release but one that comes with welcome arms since we get to see the group as they wear wedding dresses to a rather catchy song. It’s calm, so if you’re expecting intense dance moves you won’t get much, but it’s still worth a watch!

> Maison book girl get glitchy dreams in the MV for yume

Maison book girl are by far one of the most artistic idol groups on the scene. Their songs are packed full of xylophones and have scenes that are packed to the brim with double meanings. Their latest MV takes them into the world of dreams where they dream of glitches and scenes of them walking through the streets.

> SHACHI walks the streets in her chill MV for HERO

It’s no surprise that I’m biased toward Mashilo. Since her DEEP GIRL days, she has been winning the hearts of many with her smile and generally adorable voice. Well, her solo hip hop project is showing off her ability to adapt to different genres and show that she’s not only cute, but also incredibly talented. Enjoy her beats above!

> Kaqriyo Terror Architect get dark and mature in the MV for Identity Crisis

Idols have been going more and more into the dark side of music, to the delight of many fans. Next up is Kaqriyo Terror Architect who had a pretty awesome style before, but this release turned it up a notch. In fact, the MV is packed full of leather dresses, scenes of the members doing suggestive moves, and plenty of other cool things. If you’re into heavier music, watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

> get funky in the colorful MV for Taiyou Kei Kansatsu Chuu Seimeitai are having a funky phase and I am into it. Who wouldn’t be into idols singing along to an intense bass line played while they do stuff around a house? Hopefully you are because I’m just about to recommend that you check out the MV. Seriously, check it out it’s well worth a look if you’re into weird Dempagumi scenes.

> NMB48’s Uemura Azusa quits the group

It’s not everyday that an idol simply quits the group. Unfortunately, that’s something that NMB48 had to go through when Uemura Azusa announced her decision to leave the group. Details are available above, so make sure to check them out if you wish to know what she will be up to from here on out. Best of luck Azusa!


This week we have DREAMING MONSTER and their MV for their major debut single titled Tsukiyo Uta. Out December 12th, the single will be released in 4 editions: Type A, B, C, and D.

It’s not that common to see an idol group go for a neo-classical feel for their major debut single. But, it seems like there’s one group who’s risen to the challenge: DREAMING MONSTER.

Many might not be familiar with this group but those who are can see the potential that they have. If you’re in the same boat as me, then you’re fairly new to them. Thankfully, that’s about to change with their latest MV, and wow, is it a good one.

We get to see the group as they take part of a variety of artistic scenes. One second they’re running in water while wearing red dresses, and the next we get to see them singing on the rooftop at night. The visuals have a certain tone to them that mix in perfectly with the neo-classical feel of the song, making for a delightful package for fans to enjoy.

Enjoy the MV below, because it’s definitely a treat!

Tsukiyo Uta

Run through the water and check out the link below to grab a copy of their major debut single:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!