SHACHI Walks The Streets In Her Chill MV For “HERO”

shachi mashilo hero

SHACHI walks through the streets in the chill MV for her single titled HERO.

Out now, the song is a digital release only.

Mashilo has been doing amazing  stuff in the music scene ever since debuting with DEEP GIRL. With CY8ER under her belt she has the cute side of music down, but many might not be aware that she has a solo hip hop styled project called SHACHI.

SHACHI’s latest MV manages to show off just what she is capable of as she makes her way through the dim streets. Her voice and beats fill the streets, making for a rather relaxing treat for fans of her to enjoy. Add in some random people that chill on the steps during a scene and you have yourself a pretty awesome release.

Sure, it might not be a pure idol song but it’s a strong reminder that Mashilo has a knack for music and has a bright future in it. For now, check out that chill release below and if you’re into the song grab it below to enjoy it in your own time!


shachi mashilo hero cover

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