Kaqriyo Terror Architect Get Dark and Mature In The MV For “Identity Crisis”

kaqriyo terror architect identity crisis

Kaqriyo Terror Architect get dark and mature in the MV for the title track of their 1st mini album titled Identity Chaos.

Out since October 24th, the mini-album was released in 1 edition.

Kaqriyo Terror Architect are an underrated group. They’ve managed to release some of the most artistic releases in the alternate idol scene and they’re kicking it up a notch with their latest masterpiece.

First off, we get to see the members as they wear latex inspired outfits that are both pretty dark and pretty awesome. That alone sets the tone for the rest of the MV as we see the members run through tunnels, dance in the streets, and generally have a pretty fun time doing anything and everything that would make even the most outgoing of fans blush.

But, the true gem of this release is the song. It’s fast-paced, chaotic, and generally just an awesome song that’s sure to make fans throw their money right at the computer screen to enjoy it even more.

It’s good to note that this MV is one that you may not want to pop open during a class or out in public (especially because of a scene where they … do something) so be warned.

Make sure to check out the MV below and if you wish to show your support (or just jam out to some awesome tracks from Kaqriyo Terror Architect), make sure to grab a copy of their mini-album. I’m sure they’d be pretty happy if you did!

Identity Crisis
Kaqriyo Terror Architect