Get Funky In The Colorful MV For “Taiyou Kei Kansatsu Chuu Seimeitai” wareware 5th album get funky in the colorful MV for Taiyou Kei Kansatsu Chuu Seimeitai.

Out January 1, 2019, the track is part of their 5th album titled Wareware wa Da.

Who’s ready for a funky new release from Well, you’re in the right spot since they’re bringing the chaotically catchy sound that we saw from their last single back for this release.

For some, the sound might be a bit too out of the typical formula, but it’s a breathe of fresh air for those of us who have been following the group for a while. Is it the best sound ever? It has its moments where it could use a bit more punch, but it’s a nice way to experiment with their sound.

Another advantage is the fact that the fast-paced beats match the fast changing scenes that we get to see throughout the MV. In fact, none of those scenes are easy to describe, which is what I love most about One second Nagi is reading a book of mirrors and then they’re talking while seated at a table, which is just mind blowing to me.

Get ready for a chaotically amazing trip down world below and grab a copy of their latest album to enjoy even more!

Taiyou Kei Kansatsu Chuu Seimeitai wareware 5th album cover limited

CDJapan wareware 5th album cover regular



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