Former Morning Musume Member Sayashi Riho Leaves Up-Front

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Former Morning Musume  member Sayashi Riho has announced her decision to leave Up-Front Promotion and leave Hello! Project.

According to a notice released by Up-Front, her contract ended in November and she decided not to renew. Riho commented on the decision by saying that she wanted to leave in order to pursue a different goal in life.

She thanks fans for their support and reassures everyone that she will continue to sing, dance, and act in the future.

Sayashi Riho moved to New York in order to study English and dance shortly after graduating from Morning Musume back in 2015. She has not made any public appearances since then.

This is a long time coming, but it’s good to finally get closure. For years, fans wondered if Riho would be making her way back to Up-Front in some way. However, after many years of no appearances whatsoever, her profile on the Hello! Project website remained untouched until today when it was taken down.

This is rather sad news since Riho was and still is among the most talented members to have joined Morning Musume. Her decision to leave was certainly a big event for the group, but in the end it seems like she chose to continue doing what she loves best: dancing. This also comes at a time when another former Morning Musume member, Mitsui Aika, decided to also leave Up-Front and Hello! Project.

Time will tell if Riho will make a public appearance, but we wish the best for her and her new goals in life. Good luck Riho!

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    1. That reference to endless sky is so well done, props for that. We will all miss her but it will be fun to see where she goes from here!


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