Former Morning Musume Member Mitsui Aika Has Left The Entertainment Industry

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Former Morning Musume member Mitsui Aika has left the entertainment industry after her contract with UP-FRONT ended.

According to reports, Mitsui Aika has decided to leave UP-FRONT and Hello! Project. Since her graduation from Morning Musume, she has remained abroad for the most part to study English in New Zealand. However, she has recently found a passion in cooking and has decided to leave the entertainment industry in order to pursue that passion.

Mitsui mentions that she is excited about the opportunity and wishes to continue studying languages and expand her cooking abilities. She also mentions that her dream is to someday open up a shop for everyone to enjoy her cooking.

She plans on applying for a work visa soon after graduating from vocational school.

This is a sudden announcement but one that comes long overdue. Mitsui has long had a background role in UP-FRONT with her mainly spending her time studying English in New Zealand. Now, fans are finally able to know that she has found her passion in life and wishes to pursue it.

Best of luck Mitsui Aika, may we someday get to enjoy your cooking! | Mitsui Aika Blog

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