Musubizm Are Disbanding This December

musubizm koi no senshi

Musubizm have announced that they will be ending group activities this December.

Announced on their official website, the reason for the dissolution is due to the members talking about their future. After several discussions they decided to end group activities.

Their final release will be their 4th single titled Koi no Senshi, with the group ending on December 10th at a one-man live titled LAST LIVE ~ Last Musubuzo!~ at SELENE b2 in Tokyo.

Musubizm is a fairly young group, having formed back in December 2014 and not debuting until July 2016. Their decision to end the group comes as a surprise since they have been releasing singles fairly steadily, but it seems like the members have other plans in mind.

It’s unfortunate, but we hope to see the members in some other way in the future. Fans, make sure to go to their final performance as a group, and best of luck Musubizm!

Musubizm OHP


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