Shuukan Idol – More Mayu Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a handful of MV releases from AKB48, Yurumerumo!, and Bandjanaimon! Add in a few single announcements and a few unfortunate announcements from Fujii Shuuka and Kimoto Kanon. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> AKB48 pack in all the Mayu they can into their 11gatsu no Anklet and Sayonara de Owru Wake Janai MVs

It’s finally here. AKB48’s 50th single first MVs and the last to feature Watanabe Mayu who is set to graduate. Not surprisingly, each scene is packed full of Mayu and I couldn’t be happier. They’re both slow songs that show the best of AKB48, so make sure to check it out!

> Wat. Yurumerumo! go random in their NEW WAVE STAR MV

Have you ever seen a video that left you confused and happy at the same time? Well you’re about to since Yurumerumo! have just released an impressive MV for a track from their new EP. Documentary scenes, members dancing in costumes, live performances, and more await you as you enjoy this MV.

> Up Up Girls are releasing a new single this November

Up Up Girls might have lost Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano, but they are still going strong. In fact, they’re just about to release a double a-side single this November with their 5-nin lineup. The title is interesting, and there’s even a nod to their former member Ayano in the track list.

> Mildly rock along with Bandjanaimon! and their MV for Q. Jinsei Sore de Iinokai?

Nothing says rock like having a group of idols singing in a ton of studs, spikes, and leather along with two tough looking men. Rock styled songs tend to be a hit or miss but this one ends up being fairly entertaining, with each scene showing off a pretty cool look for the members as they pose. Put on your spikes to check out this rocking release!

> Musubizm become love warriors for their 4th single

Musubizm are on a roll, releasing single after single with a catchy laid back idol sound. Their next release is one that is sure to please fans of their last single since the producer is back and he’s bringing his retro sound with him. We get some shiny outfits and some covers to enjoy meanwhile so make sure to check them out!

> Flower’s Fujii Shuuka has a spinal injury and is on hiatus from performances

Spinal injuries are no fun, and unfortunately Fujii Shuuka is the latest J-pop performer to be hit with an injury. Full details are available in the post above, but we definitely hope that Fujii Shuuka is able to take it slow and recover well, get better soon!

> Watch idols beat each other up in the MV for Tokimeki Sendenbu’s DEADHEAT

Have you ever wanted to see idols and MMA combine? You’re a unique person, and also Tokimeki Sendenbu have you covered. Their latest MV has you covered showing off scenes of the members fighting each other as the song plays. Put on your gloves and check out this release!

Notable mentions:



This week we have MAPLEZ and their MV for Ego Survivor! Out November 1st, the single will be their 8th single.

This is my first time listening to MAPLEZ and I have to admit that their sound is pretty catchy. Mostly rock styled with idol vocals, making for a unique sound that is a delight to listen to. Pair this with an MV packed full of scenes of them walking around town and you have a winning combination.

The camera harness they have on make for some cool shots that let the members run around the city doing fun things like taking selfies and going in circles in the middle of a crowded street. There are also several scenes of them walking in slow motion while wearing black capes which are amazing. Make sure to check out the MV below!

Ego Survivor!

Put down your phone and take off that camera harness to check out their releases below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!