Flower’s Fujii Shuuka Unable To Perform Due To Spinal Injury

flower fujii shuuka

Flower member Fujii Shuuka will be on hiatus from performances due to a spinal herniated disc.

She first started experiencing pain 3 years ago, but the pain started getting more intense with time. This summer she started to feel numbness in her upper left arm and even some pain in her neck, leaving her unable to perform at certain events.

After going to a doctor it was determined that her vertebrae had herniated.

While she won’t be able to perform live with the rest of Flower, she will be working in a limited way with the group. However, she will not be dancing or doing intense physical activities while she recovers.

It’s sad to see members like Fujii experience injuries like these, but with proper care and attention she should be able to perform in the future (Tsubaki Factory’s Kiki also has a similar condition). Best of luck in your recovery Fujii!