Yurumerumo! Turn Up The Random To 11 In the MV For “NEW WAVE STAR”

yurumerumo talking hits cover

Yurumerumo! have released the MV for their track titled NEW WAVE STAR.

Out October 4th, the track is part of the upcoming EP titled TALKING HITS EP.

The MV is packed full of random scenes of the members performing live and just dancing around, making for a fairly entertaining release. In fact, the visuals alone are the best part of the MV since they are all over the place. One second you’ll see the members dancing and the next we’re staring at a pack of elephants roaming around.

If that weren’t enough the song is pretty catchy, with an upbeat sound that has a slight punk style that fans are sure to adore. It was a surprising release since the audio and video work so well together, channeling Yurumerumo!’s random weirdness perfectly.

You will be confused and delighted by the end, trust me. Make sure to check it out and grab a copy of that EP if you haven’t already!


yurumerumo talking hits cover



  2. A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi
  3. Eien no Shunkan
  4. NEW WAVE STAR (Instrumental)
  5. A! Sekai wa Hiroi Sugoi (Instrumental)
  6. Eien no Shunkan (Instrumental)