Chuning Candy Take The Sweetness Up To 11 In The Sweet MV For “Sugar Sugar Sweet”

chuning candy sugar sweet

Chuning Candy take the sweetness up to 11 in the sweet MV for their 3rd single titled Sugar Sugar Sweet.

Out November 21st, the single will be released in Limited and Regular.

Sometimes all you need is an MV that is packed full with idols doing cute stuff to the beat of a sweet song. Well, if you’re in that kind of mood you’ll be happy to see that Chuning Candy have released their sweetest single yet titled Sugar Sugar Sweet.

Yes, the title is already super sweet but each scene showing off the members as they dance to the beat of the upbeat song is packed full of cuteness and colors. It’s those shots that make this release one of the catchiest I’ve heard in a while, which makes for a fun treat to enjoy if you’re in the mood for something happy.

Make sure to check out this incredibly sweet release below and grab a copy of their single to show your support!

Sugar Sugar Sweet
Chuning Candy

chuning candy sugar sweet cover limited


chuning candy sugar sweet cover regular


Chuning Candy OHP