Shiina Hikari Gets Possessed In The Intense MV For “hate!hate!hate!”

shiina hikari pikarin

Shiina Hikari goes full idol metal in the intense MV for hate!hate!hate!

Most of us are aware of the creepy cuteness that is Pikarin Shiina. This bubbly idol managed to capture the hearts of many with her growling screams and her adorable smile. But, it seems like she’s decided to drop her bubbly character after her recent Halloween performance and instead changed her artist name to her real name Shiina Hikari.

It’s a surprising move but one that thankfully comes with a new MV where she shows off her new look and the results are intense to say the least. We’re used to Pikarin being creepy and going darker than most idols, but hate!hate!hate! takes it to a whole new level.

Shiina Hikari gets possessed while wearing a straight jacket while two guys stab a brain with forks. That sentence alone should give you a good idea of what to expect but if you needed a bit more then you’ll be glad to see that the song goes for darker idol metal with vocals that are packed with more screams than ever. It’s a grown up version of Pikarin, which I am totally a fan of already.

I’m impressed and excited to see where Hikari goes from here since this MV has definitely set the bar up high for those of us who love our idol music a bit darker.  No release date is known but I’m glad to see that she is managing to maintain her idol metal roots without changing much else apart from her artist name.

Make sure to enjoy the creepy delight below!

Shiina Hikari

Shiina Hikari OHP