New Group “Candye♡Syrup” Revealed

Candye Syrup

A new idol group called Candye♡Syrup has been announced.

Combining the worlds of Yume Kawaii and hardcore, the group has been launched by the Harajuku hair salon of the same name.

The members include:

The composers for this group include ko-hey (ex-ARTEMA, NAMBA69), KOUICHI (FEAR FROM THE HATE), and Masashige Ganbare (MP!D).

Those who have followed DEEP GIRL might have already noticed that Non is among the lineup, which is great news for those of us who are fans of her screaming.

In fact, that appears to be the concept for this group, combining the colorful pastels of yume kawaii with the harsh sounds of hardcore music (basically DEEP GIRL + CY8ER).

This by itself is an interesting mix and is sure to have many interested as they make their way to their debut live on August 19th at Shibuya Milkyway.

Unfortunately we don’t have much info about the group apart from a short video of them looking absolutely thrilled to the beat of a catchy punk styled instrumental. Make sure to stay tuned for more about this interesting group!

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