announce release of their new single “Inochi no Yorokobi” by becoming Gyaru inochi yorokobi have announced the release of their new single titled Inochi no Yorokobi.

Out June 26th, the single will be released in Limited Edition A and B, as well as Regular.

This is the 1st single since the graduation/retirement of Yumemi Nemu.

The song Inochi no Yorokobi will be composed and written by Tamaya 2060% from the band Wienners. The coupling track for this release will be titled Keijijou Gakuteki, Mahou and is written by a 15-year old singer/songwriter Yukichi Kasaku/men. are a visual group and not surprisingly they seem to have gone to a rather interesting visual for their Inoch no Yorokobi single. According to, this is a primitive Gyaru concept which shows off the members in Gyaru makeup while wearing colorful clothing. Of course, we haven’t had a chance to see the MV or listen to the song yet so it might all make sense once we get to enjoy that.

For now, it will be interesting to see if they continue that jazzy sound they have been using for their past few singles. Make sure to stay tuned for more about the new single!

Now Printing
Limited A (CD+DVD)


Now Printing
Limited B (CD+DVD)


Now Printing
Regular (CD Only)

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