Seireki 13 Ya mix Eurobeat with idol in the colorful MV for “Itoshi Utakata to”

seireki 13 ya itoshi utakata to

Seireki 13 Ya mix Eurobeat with idol in the MV for their 2nd single titled Itoshi Utakata to.

Out April 10th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Something that I miss about the 90s was how popular Eurobeat was. This hyper version of electronic music was incredibly energetic and made up roughly 95% of the Dance Dance Revolution song library. Well, Seireki 13 ya are showing off that idol music still fits in perfectly with eurobeat i their 2nd single titled Itoshi Utakata to.

In it, we get to see Seireki 13 Ya as they dance in front of some colorful ink explosions in a variety of settings. One of them is the tried and true white void setting, while the other one has some flowers in a pool. Both are rather unique and are a nice way to show off some artistic shots of the group as they sing along to the song.

Speaking of, Itoshi Utakata to is a treat. The Eurobeat instrumental works beautifully with the vocals of the members. Some of them have a more cutesy voice which flows well with the uptempo of each line, making for a treat that will make you want to dance.

Get ready to feel nostalgic for DDR by enjoying the MV below, and why not grab a copy of their latest single? This is their 2nd release and buying a copy is sure to show off your support!

Itoshi Utakata to
Seireki 13 ya

seireki 13 ya itoshi utakata to cover


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