Shuukan Idol – Burst People Edition (April 8 – 14)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide mix of MVs from groups such as Last Idol, Kobushi Factory, Yukueshirezu Tsurezure, and HKT48. Add in a surprise restart from NGT48 and some member auditions for Burst Girl and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> Seireki 13 Ya mix Eurobeat with idol in the colorful MV For Itoshi Utakata to

It’s unfortunate that Eurobeat music is not that popular nowadays. This catchy form of electronic music was all the rage back in the day, and thankfully Seireki 13 Ya are bringing it back to the world of idol. It’s a simple MV but that song is incredibly catchy, enjoy it above!

> Yukueshirezu Tsurezure rock out in ruins in the MV for Odd eye

Tsurezure are among the best alternative idols on the scene. But, with the graduation of Shidare, many were concerned how the sound would change. Thankfully, the latest MV shows off that we’re in good hands with their new lineup. The MV packs in some barefoot dancing in ruins, a band, and some idol screams into a delightful package.

> Last Idol dance in formation in a concrete building for Otona Survivor

Concrete buildings are an interesting choice for an idol MV, but Last Idol have found a way to make it colorful. They’ve added white/blue outfits along with a series of formation dancing that all combine to form an MV that is pretty fun to watch. It’s a bit unsettling at times because they don’t move too much, but hey, I’ll take it.

> NGT48 are “restarting” with a new line up

NGT48 have been plagued by problems due to their mishandling of the Yamaguchi Maho scandal. The solution? Restart everything and pretend nothing happened. Yes, it’s an unusual move but one that is sure to lead to some interesting lineup changes. Who’ll make it back to the new lineup? We’ll find out soon!

> Kobushi Factory sing among the cherry blossoms in the MV for Haru Urara

Cherry blossom season is in full bloom (pun intended) and nothing is as beautiful as an MV that shows off this unique season in Japan. Thankfully, Kobushi Factory are packing in their latest MV with a variety of scenes that show off the members dancing among cherry blossom petals. It’s beautiful and honestly among the best songs I’ve heard from this group.

> HKT48 show off Sashihara Rino’s graduation song in the MV for Itsu Datte Soba ni Iru

It’s time. Sashihara Rino has been a mainstay in the AKB48 family for quite some time. But, with her graduation announcement came several goodbyes in the form of several colorful MVs. Her last one is a notable one since it packs in some touching scenes of her walking a beach with a bouquet of flowers from her fellow team members. Get ready to cry!

> Burst Girl announce new member auditions, mini-album

Burst Girl are an interesting take on punk idols. Well, they’re doing something that’s even more interesting: announcing an audition for new members with no gender requirements. That’s pretty punk, and something that has the potential to change the group in an interesting and unique way. Oh yeah, new music too!

Notable mentions


This week we have KissBee and their MV for their latest single titled Re☆universe. Out April 6th, the single will be the last release for leader Ootawa Sakura.

The last MV for a member is often remembered fondly by fans of the group. Well, fans who supported Sakura are in for a treat since we get to enjoy a rather unique MV that takes place in an observatory.

It’s a simple setting since the members sing from the seats of the observatory, but they do get up and dance throughout the release. There is a need for more variety though, since there isn’t much else in there. Thankfully, the song has a touch of catchiness to make the MV a treat to enjoy.

Fair warning, this is not the most polished song or MV, but the roughness around the edges for this release makes it among the most real releases done by an idol group so far. Enjoy it below!


Head to the stars and once you come back check out the link below to grab some of their releases on CDJapan, iTunes, and Apple Music:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!