kolme spend a day out in town for their “Brand new days” MV

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kolme spend a day out in town in the MV for their digital single titled Brand new days.

Out since April 15th, the single is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music.

kolme showed us their apartment for their last batch of digital singles, but getting some fresh air never hurt anyone. That’s why we’re taking a trip outdoors for the latest kolme MV where we get to enjoy a walk around a foreign town.

There’s not much action going on here, which is to be expected since the song is cool and calm with a modern sound. But, we do get some scenes of kolme walking in slow motion around a market and around some streets.

Speaking of the song, the sound is different compared to their previous releases. The lyrics are a treat since they combine English with Japanese to give it a unique sound. Some lines like “Why am I on fire?” are meme-worthy but it’s honestly a decent song that has a catchy, modern sound.

Enjoy a brand new day along with kolme below!

Brand new days

kolme brand new days cover

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