CY8ER party on a boat for their “Summer” MV

cy8er vip

CY8ER party on a boat in the MV their 6th single titled Summer.

Out April 24th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Summer is almost here and that means that we’re getting MVs packed full of summer activities. Some idol groups are going for bikinis and bouncy dance moves (I’m looking at you Nijicon), but CY8ER are taking a different approach by partying on a boat.

Not surprisingly, it’s a chill release with most of the scenes showing the members singing their lines while posing or simply partying in slow motion. It’s a simple mix of scenes but they work to match the calm beat of the song which is packed to the brim with the cute vocals from the members.

We don’t get much else apart from that, but it seems like the members are genuinely having fun which is refreshing. Of course, having a boat is the ultimate power move so it’s not surprising that they are having the time of their lives.

It’s chill. It’s fun. It’s CY8ER. Enjoy it below and grab a copy of their 6th single!


cy8er summer cover