kolme jam out in an apartment for their “The Liar / Tie me down / Why not me” MVs

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kolme, formerly callme, jam out in an apartment for their digital singles titled The liar / Tie me down / Why not me.

Out now, the singles are available on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms.

kolme have been making their name known in the music world for some time. But, it has been a while since we last had a chance to enjoy an MV from them. Thankfully, that’s changing with the release of 3 digital singles. How do you promote all that music? With 3 MVs of course, all taking place in the same neon-colored apartment, but each showcasing a different member.

It’s a unique concept that works pretty well. How about we check out the first MV?

The liar

Kicking us off we get to enjoy The liar, which has a pleasant rap sound. MIMORI is front and center for this MV, showing off the hip hop feel of the song. English vocals are included and the beat is unique, making this a more appealing song to those who are not too familiar with the group.

Visually it’s similar to Tie me down, but we get to see mainly MIMORI front and center as she goes through her apartment doing random things. From jamming out with some headphones, to sitting at her brightly lit desk with a Dr. Pepper, the scenes all add some nice color to the song. The added hand movements add some nice variety to the mix.

Tie me down

KOUMI is the front and center for this release, with her vocals dominating the fast-paced instrumental. The energetic drums add in some nice diversity to the mix, with her dance moves helping make this MV the standout of the trio. At times the vocals clash against the instrumental, but for the most part the song is a stellar release.

Visually we get to see KOUMI moving around a brightly colored apartment with neon lights everywhere. If you needed some extra scenes thrown in, we also get to see her take a bath and change outfits near the end of the video. Tie me down is by far my favorite release from this simply because of KOUMI’s moves.

Why not me

Finally, we have RUUNA and Why not me. It’s a relaxing song that shows off the vocals nicely, with a calm instrumental that feels more close to home for kolme fans. The bridge of the song is a bit more intense with some electronic beats thrown in to make it more unique.

The visuals show off all of the members at once, with RUUNA starting off alone and sad. Soon that changes with RUUNA taking out a mini Famicom to play some classic Nintendo games. Naturally, this brings MIMORI and KOUMI over where they end up having a ton of fun. It’s a lighthearted MV and one that marks the perfect end to this trio of songs.

Each song has its own unique sound which appeals to different fans. For those who like a more aggressive song, Tie me up is your go to. How about something more modern with some beats? The liar is the perfect song for you. If you’re feeling a bit calm and want classic kolme, then Why not me will be your choice.

There’s something here for everyone, so definitely check out the MVs if you haven’t and head on down there to check it out on Apple platforms.

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