Burst Girl announce new member auditions, mini-album

bakuretsu joshi burst girl

Burst Girl have announced new member auditions as well as the release of a new mini-album titled Riot.

Out June 19th, the mini-album will include 4 new songs and 3 existing songs.

The new member auditions are an interesting take on the formula since they’re not only looking for Burst Girls, but also Burst Boys. The requirements to apply include being between 16-26, eating rice everyday, being able to add and subtract, and wanting to sweat a lot.

The fact that there is no gender requirement is an interesting change and one that could add some nice variety to the group. For those interesting in applying, applications are due by May 6th.

Of course, the release of a mini-album is also pretty exciting news since this would mark the first nation-wide release for the group. Burst Girl have been active for a while and have released a couple of MVs so far with an interesting punk influence that many adore.

It’s unknown if the songs will make their way to digital platforms but I’m looking forward to finding out since I need some GREAT FXXKING MY WORLD and Nancy on the go.

Look forward to more from Burst Girl soon!

Burst Girl Audition Info


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