BURST GIRL rock out in a room for their “Nancy” MV

bakuretsu joshi burst girl

Bakuretsu Joshi – BURST GIRL – rock out in a room for their Nancy MV.

The story of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen is one that many in the punk scene know well. It was short but packed full of intense highlights that involve heavy drug use, murder, and suicide. So naturally, this story sounds like the perfect theme to use for a punk idol group MV.

Kicking us off, we get to see BURST GIRL as they pose in a room with a ton of decorations. For the most part, this is what we see throughout the MV, but there are a few other scenes thrown in which involve a guy with spikes playing guitar and even some scenes of the members dying in a variety of ways. Those scenes come out of nowhere but in a way it’s nice that they stuck to the story of Sid and Nancy to the end, even if they are on the graphic side.

Song-wise, it has the same BURST GIRL punk feel from their debut song GREAT FXXKING MY WORLD but in a more calm package. The song might lack the intensity of the first release but it’s good that they toned it down for this release since it gives fans a chance to enjoy their vocals to the beat of some heavy guitars.

That being said, this is an intense MV so if you’re a fan of BURST GIRL you will feel at home. The only unfortunate part of this release is that there is no physical release to enjoy. Hopefully we get to enjoy some kind of release soon, but for now make sure to check out the MV below!