HKT48 show off Sashihara Rino’s graduation song in the MV for “Itsu Datte Soba ni Iru”

hkt48 ishi

HKT48 show off Sashihara Rino’s graduation song in the MV for Itsu Datte Soba ni Iru.

Out April 10th, the tracks are part of HKT48’s latest single titled Ishi.

After getting to enjoy the title MV for Ishi and the contrasting sounds from Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hashitteru no ka? / Chamomile, we’ve finally come to the last MV to feature Sashihara Rino.

It’s a bittersweet release since it shows off Sashihara Rino as she has a fun day out in Fukuoka with the rest of the members. The added scenes of the members giving her flowers as she slowly walks away to a beach at night are incredibly touching.

Of course, sweet visuals can’t be the only thing you have for a graduation MV, and you’ll be glad to see that they did a great job with the song. It’s a ballad, which is not surprising. The surprising part of it is that the calm beat of the song matches perfectly with the vocals, making for a fantastic song.

So, is this single a worthy goodbye? Yes, mainly because of how well the AKB48 family said goodbye to her. For some the many, many scenes with her might have been a bit too much but these final release show off a proper sendoff.

Best of luck Sashihara Rino!

Itsu Datte Soba ni Iru

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