EMPiRE Has Been Unmasked, Meet The Members

EMPiRE project aw

EMPiRE, WACK and avex’s idol group, have revealed their member faces.

As you might remember, EMPiRE debuted with masks. They then ran an interesting promotion where a member who gathered 10,000 followers would reveal their faces. Ultimately, this was changed to 15,000 as a result of management noticing that some of the followers were being bought.

YUiNA was the only member to reach that goal and we got a chance to see her profile picture early on. Unfortunately no other member reached the 15,000 member mark (they’re all around the 11,000 mark except for YU-Ki who has 13,000).

empire idol group

However, it seems like WACK or avex ran out of patience and just decided to reveal the faces:

Their first performance will be on December 8th at Zepp DiverCity at the WACK no Fes.

It’s unfortunate that their campaign to drive up interest in the group didn’t go as planned. However, with their faces uncovered we can finally begin to pick our favorites and get ready for another interesting WACK group. Personally I’m a big fan of YU-Ki and YUKA, but I have to admit that the rest of the group look ready to dominate.

Hopefully with this reveal the members can begin to get more followers and be well prepared for their performance this December. If you haven’t followed them on Twitter yet make sure to do so at their website below!