Candye♡Syrup “IDOL OF DEATH feat m!sa” Live MV Released

Candye Syrup

CANDYE♡SYRUP have released a new live MV for their song titled IDOL OF DEATH.

With a title like IDOL OF DEATH, it’s easy to see why fans of hardcore music and colorful idols would be excited. Especially with the screaming vocals from Non and m!sa (ALL IN VAIN, ex-Story of Hope) who both help give the song a brutal sound that is as heavy as it is amazing.

Unfortunately there are no links to buy Candye♡Syrup’s music online, with live venues being the only places where you can get a single. For now all we can do is enjoy this delicious combination of sweetness and hardcore. Make sure to check out this amazing MV below!



2 thoughts on “Candye♡Syrup “IDOL OF DEATH feat m!sa” Live MV Released

  1. Haha! I was JUST watching that too. XD

    It’s definitely a good song that is a great entry into the Candye♡Syrup catalogue of material. It’s harsh enough to satisfy the hardcore fans while containing enough idol fun for the idol fans.

    Words fail to express how much I love this group and hope for their success.

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