NGT48 are “restarting” with a new line up

ngt48 sekai no hito e

NGT48 have announced that they will be “restarting” the group with a new lineup.

The “restart” will result in Team NIII and Team G being dissolved. Both of these groups will have their final performances on April 21st.

NGT48 will be restarting activities with a new lineup consisting of 1st generation members and research students. Current members may not be excluded from the new line up. It’s unknown if Yamaguchi Maho will make a return with the new lineup.

NGT48 management also issued an apology to the Niigata government due to their mishandling of Yamaguchi Maho’s assault by two men on her way home. The Niigata government has already cut ties with the group due to the constant negative attention and have even removed past promotion materials by the group.

This is a surprising way of addressing the Yamaguchi Maho scandal, since it essentially hopes to erase everything that happened before with a “restart”. Unfortunately, the average person is capable of remembering stuff that happened a few months ago so this doesn’t appear to address the problem.

Time will tell what NGT48 will look like in the future, but for now the group doesn’t seem to have a bright future. Best of luck to the NGT48 members!