Malcom Mask McLaren Chill Comfortably In The Heavy “LaLaLa” MV

malcolm mask mclaren

Malcom Mask McLaren chill comfortably in the heavy MV for their track titled LaLaLa.

Out now, the track is part of their 2nd album titled My Life My Way.

After the departure of founding members mone and ai, it seemed like everyone’s favorite easycore idol group Malcolm Mask McLaren were in an interesting spot. Thankfully, that changed with the addition of a new member, shino, and the release of their 2nd album. They released the MV a while back, so how about we check it out?

Kicking us off, we get to see the trio as they dance under a bridge. It’s a pretty relaxing scene for the most part since they sing to the camera while wearing some stylish outfits and jumping around. We also get some scenes of them in a home where they relax in the living room as the camera follows them. Nothing too extreme, except for the intense music that plays throughout.

Yes, Malcolm Mask McLaren are known for one thing: heavy music with calm vocals, and the contrast between the two is pretty fun to see. The drum is fast and the guitar plays nicely with the electronic beats we get throughout the song. Add in the vocals from the members and you have yourself a wonderful release to enjoy.

This is by far among the most exciting releases they’ve done simply because of how excited the members are throughout the release. It also helps that I’m incredibly biased towards kana and the scene of her on the bed made the MV a favorite of mine immediately.

That aside, it’s a solid MV and one that fans of this easycore idol group are sure to enjoy. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and relax to some of these intense beats below!

Malcolm Mask McLaren

malcolm mask mclaren my life my way cover