FES☆TIVE Turn Up The Fanservice To 11 In The MV For “Yura Yura Yurari Koi Gokoro”

festive yura yura yurari koi gokoro

FES☆TIVE turn up the fanservice to 11 in the MV for their 8th single titled Yura Yura Yurari Koi Gokoro.

Out January 16, 2019 the single will be released in Type A, B, and C.

Who’s ready for some fanservice? Well, you’re in luck because FES☆TIVE are packing in some catchy beats for their 8th single’s MV along with a variety of scenes of the members kissing. Yeah, we’re going that route.

The MV is well done for the most part, with a variety of scenes showing off the members as they go throughout their day in a typical school day. They fake kiss on the rooftops, they fake kiss in the bathrooms, it’s pretty much like that throughout the MV. Yes, the scenes are rather touching from a “love triangle” story side but at times it seems a bit too much.

Thankfully, the song manages to complement the visuals by having an incredible sound. Yura Yura Yunari Koi Gokoro packs in traditional Japanese instruments with a modern electronic beat. The beat is fast-paced and has a rather catchy chorus, which in turn make the MV a solid release from this group.

Yes, the fanservice is turned up to 11 in this MV but under the “woah cute idols kissing” visuals we get to enjoy a magnificent song and a rather touching tribute to love between girls at school with a dash of jealousy. Make sure to grab a copy of their 8th single below after checking out the MV!

Yura Yura Yurari Koi Gokoro

festive yura yura yurari koi gokoro cover type a
Type A


festive yura yura yurari koi gokoro cover type b
Type B


festive yura yura yurari koi gokoro cover type c
Type C