Up Up Girls (2) Wear Wedding Dresses In The MV For “Kakatte Kinasai”

up up girls 2 zenbu seishun

Up Up Girls (2) wear wedding dresses in the MV for Kakatte Kinasai.

Out December 25th, the track is part of their double a-side single alongside OVER DRIVE.

Up Up Girls (2) are back with another release and this time they’re taking out their wedding dresses. Yes, we’re seeing this group go classy for this release in a rather chill way.

So, let’s talk about the MV. It’s mainly made up of two types of scenes: standing around while wearing dresses and dancing to the fast-paced chorus in normal outfits. The dance shot is pretty exciting and has some great moves, but the fact that the wedding dresses are the main shots might be a bit too boring for some. But, I do agree that the wedding dresses look amazing on the members so that’s a big plus.

Despite that, we do get to enjoy a song that has one of the catchiest beats released by Up Up Girls (2). The chorus especially is a treat, with the vocals making for a delight that fans are sure to enjoy.

Yes, the visuals might be a bit on the meh side, but the song is a great reminder that Up Up Girls (2) manages to capture our hearts and our wallets with their releases. Make sure to grab your bouquet and head down the aisle to check out this release!

Kakatte Kinasai
Up Up Girls (2)

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