Morning Musume 18’s Nonaka Miki To Study Abroad For 2 Months

morning musume nonaka miki

Morning Musume ’18 member Nonaka Miki has announced that she will be pausing group activities to study English abroad.

Miki commented that she decided to study abroad to improve her English. Despite her knowing how to speak it, she decided that it was best to improve it to help Morning Musume fans overseas get to know the group better.

Miki also comments that she decided to study abroad to break out of her shell. She commented that other members are supporting her and that Tsunku himself has also encouraged her, mentioning that she should do her best as someone in charge of the global side of Morning Musume.

Nonaka Miki will be studying abroad from the late December to mid-February.

Miki is by far one of the most recognizable members from Momusu for overseas fans, and with good reason. Her ability to speak English has helped Morning Musume ’18 become even more well known through several overseas events.

That’s why her decision to further improve her English was expected. Living in a foreign country can affect your ability to speak a language if you don’t practice it often so getting a refresher is always helpful. It also comes with the added bonus of being a fantastic opportunity to see more of the world while getting to learn a useful skill for life.

A list of events she won’t be attending is listed in the article below. For now, we hope that Nonaka Miki has an incredible time while studying overseas!

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