SCANDAL 7th Album “YELLOW” Announced


SCANDAL have announced the release of their 7th studio album titled YELLOW.

According to the info, there will be 13 tracks, including their most recent releases Stamp! and Sisters. Alongside that there will be the usual CD-only, CD+DVD, and limited editions but with the Limited editions comes a treat: A bonus T-shirt.

New album announces are the best and a new album from SCANDAL is nothing but short of a perfect Christmas present.

It has been a while since we last hear from their last single so it’s good to see them active. Sure, we might have to wait almost 3 months until the release, it’s a good way to build up suspense.

Release is set for March 2, so it might be some time before we get to enjoy it, but fans are in for a treat!

Nogizaka46’s Nagashima Seira To Graduate

Nogizaka46 Nagashima Seira

Nogizaka46 member Nagashima Seira has announced her graduation from the group.

No set date has been announced at the moment, but with the many news of graduations happening it was kind of expected to have one more being added from Nogizaka46.

We wish you the best Nagashima and good luck!

Iketeru Hearts “Let’s stand up!” MV Released

Iketeru Hearts Lets stand-up

The MV for Iketeru Hearts (formerly known as Stand-Up! Hearts) most recent single titled Let’s stand up! has been released.

With a name change comes the inevitable new single and it seems like we won’t have to wait for long since we are already looking forward to Iketeru Hearts newest single next year.

The main standout from the video is that there are so many lights … so many. If the idea of disco lights, mixed in with a background of LCD lights, and an overlay of a galactic filter makes you wince then you should probably skip this release.

Apart from that, the melody is quite nice and calm but seems to lack a bit of a punch. The cuteness abounds, but the song is somewhat lackluster at times.

Regardless, it’s a nice beat that is sure to have fans with a smile on their face, so make sure to check out the MV.

Release date is set for February 10, so it will be out in time for Valentines Day!

Iketeru Hearts CDJapan

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Muto Ayami Announces Hiatus

Muto Ayami

Muto Ayami, former member of Sakura Gakuin and current soloist, has announced her hiatus.

It was announced at her recent performance at Muto Ayami X/mas Special LIVE [A.Y.M.X].

According to her, she has been with the entertainment world since she was young but she has become a bit used to it. She wants to see a different world, and see what she can do for the future.

She did reiterate that her love for singing will not change and that she will come back when she feels like she has the best timing so that she can come back and sing a song that will touch everyone’s heart.

Most idols are in a unique position, with them making up their minds to become idols at a pretty early age. Naturally, most of them realize that being an idol isn’t for them so it results in them leaving the Entertainment world. Thankfully, it seems like Ayami is simply looking for time to find herself and to think about what she wants.

We’ll be looking forward to her return, but for now, we wish the best for her and hope that she comes back with a bang!

Abe Natsumi to Marry Actor Yamazaki Ikusaburo

Abe Natsumi Yamazaki Ikusaburo

Former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe has announced that she will be marrying actor Yamazaki Ikusaburo.

The pair have been dating for around 4 years so it was somewhat expected with them meeting back in 2011 at a play called Wuthering Heights. Time does fly but it’s a nice sign to see that she will be sharing her joy with someone from now on.

Fun fact: With her marriage, all of the first generation members of Morning Musume are know married!

Congratulations Abe Natsumi and Yamazaki Ikusaburo!

Yurumerumo! “Korogare!!” MV Released

Yurumerumo Korogare!!

Yurumerumo! have released the MV for their song titled Korogare!!, from their 2nd album titled YOU ARE THE WORLD.

The MV is a bit more on the relaxed side, with a calm beat and vocals that are sure to make you say “Cute!”. Of course, the MV is a bit on the unique side, with the girls competing on a series of challenges.

It’s sporty but laid back, resulting in a unique and fun MV for fans of Yurumerumo! to enjoy.

Release date was on November 11, so it’s been out and about for a while, but if you were on the fence hopefully the MV helps you make a decision!

Yurumerumo! CDJapan

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Morning Musume ’15 “One and Only” MV Released

Morning Musume 15 One and Only

The MV for Morning Musume 15’s One and Only has been released.

Most of us have already heard the tune, and how different it is to other songs with all of the lyrics in English.

With a playful style the MV features a variety of shots with colorful backgrounds and a dance shot in front of a map of the world. As for the lyrics, fans of the softer and playful Momusu will be happy since the songs are happy and somewhat in the vein of Mikan but in a more mature way that the group is going for.

It’s nice to see that they feature the lyrics of the chorus in a variety of languages since it is a sign that the group is going for a more global aspect. All in all, it’s an amazing song that is sure to have fans bobbing their heads along to the beat.

Make sure to check out the video and get a copy of that single!

Release is set for December 29, so make sure to check out the last in the line of MVs before the release in less than 2 weeks!

Morning Musume ’15 CDJapan

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Tamura Meimi To Graduate From ANGERME

Tamura Meimi ANGERME

ANGERME’s Tamura Meimi has announced her graduation from the group.

To everyone who support us
I, Meimi Tamura, will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project during 2016 spring.
I have been a Hello! Project idol for 4 years and a half, since I became S/mileage. This year, I have been able to do this hall tour, and perform successfully 2 times as 9 members at the Nippon Budokan. Fukuda Kanon-san also gratuated and we have welcomed a new member so this year was really full.
With all of this, I want to follow my own challenge! This feeling became little by little stronger. And during ANGERME’s activities, many people told me they like when I sing, and every time I heard those words, I thought about always singing.Then, about one of my other dreams… I would like to be a musical actress. After this nice dream realized of becoming a S/mileage member, I would like to have a new start and fulfill this new dream.
I am anxious about some points, but I made this decision thanks to all the fans.
S/mileage grew up as ANGERME. As ANGERME’s member, I have been proud that I performed as a Hello! Project idol.
I will cherish the remaining time I have as an ANGERME’s member and I will continue to try my best harder than ever!
Please continue to support ANGERME, as well as Meimi Tamura!
20th December 2015 ANGERME Meimi Tamura

With the recent graduation of Fukuda Kanon, the group has seen a significant change in their focus and image, and it seems like we’re in for yet another change with Tamura Meimi’s graduation.

It’s a surprising move, and one that no one saw coming since she was among the members who usually seemed like a solid choice for many throughout the almost 5 years she has been with Hello! Project.

Still, graduations around this time of year are not rare so it was bound to happen. Regardless, seeing her grow up within Hello! Project was a treat and I give her all of my support as she moves on to even bigger projects.

Thanks Tamura Meimi for being with S/mileage and ANGERME!

Her graduation will take place in Spring of 2016.

Source: Up-Front Link

Morning Musume ’15 “Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi” MV Released

Morning Musume Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi

Morning Musume ’15 has released the MV for their song titled Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi.

Fans of the group might remember that Morning Musume underwent a more mature tone for a while, and it seems like those who loved Shouganai Yume Oibito are in for a treat.

With a dance break that is sure to make even the pros turn their heads, and a soft tender idol beat layered with a heavenly white glow. This MV is certainly amongst the best I’ve seen for the group, and the random scenes with Riho and her solo dance shots are just the cherry on top of this idol cake.

Make sure to check out the MV since it definitely showcases Sayashi Riho’s talent in a stunning way.

Release is set for December 29, so just a few weeks more before we get to enjoy this single!

Morning Musume ’15 CDJapan

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