Muto Ayami Announces Hiatus

Muto Ayami

Muto Ayami, former member of Sakura Gakuin and current soloist, has announced her hiatus.

It was announced at her recent performance at Muto Ayami X/mas Special LIVE [A.Y.M.X].

According to her, she has been with the entertainment world since she was young but she has become a bit used to it. She wants to see a different world, and see what she can do for the future.

She did reiterate that her love for singing will not change and that she will come back when she feels like she has the best timing so that she can come back and sing a song that will touch everyone’s heart.

Most idols are in a unique position, with them making up their minds to become idols at a pretty early age. Naturally, most of them realize that being an idol isn’t for them so it results in them leaving the Entertainment world. Thankfully, it seems like Ayami is simply looking for time to find herself and to think about what she wants.

We’ll be looking forward to her return, but for now, we wish the best for her and hope that she comes back with a bang!