Iketeru Hearts “Let’s stand up!” MV Released

Iketeru Hearts Lets stand-up

The MV for Iketeru Hearts (formerly known as Stand-Up! Hearts) most recent single titled Let’s stand up! has been released.

With a name change comes the inevitable new single and it seems like we won’t have to wait for long since we are already looking forward to Iketeru Hearts newest single next year.

The main standout from the video is that there are so many lights … so many. If the idea of disco lights, mixed in with a background of LCD lights, and an overlay of a galactic filter makes you wince then you should probably skip this release.

Apart from that, the melody is quite nice and calm but seems to lack a bit of a punch. The cuteness abounds, but the song is somewhat lackluster at times.

Regardless, it’s a nice beat that is sure to have fans with a smile on their face, so make sure to check out the MV.

Release date is set for February 10, so it will be out in time for Valentines Day!

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Let’s stand up!