Morning Musume ’15 “One and Only” MV Released

Morning Musume 15 One and Only

The MV for Morning Musume 15’s One and Only has been released.

Most of us have already heard the tune, and how different it is to other songs with all of the lyrics in English.

With a playful style the MV features a variety of shots with colorful backgrounds and a dance shot in front of a map of the world. As for the lyrics, fans of the softer and playful Momusu will be happy since the songs are happy and somewhat in the vein of Mikan but in a more mature way that the group is going for.

It’s nice to see that they feature the lyrics of the chorus in a variety of languages since it is a sign that the group is going for a more global aspect. All in all, it’s an amazing song that is sure to have fans bobbing their heads along to the beat.

Make sure to check out the video and get a copy of that single!

Release is set for December 29, so make sure to check out the last in the line of MVs before the release in less than 2 weeks!

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