Kaede “Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi” MV Released

negicco kaede

Negicco member Kaede has released the MV for her debut solo single titled Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi (Made Ato Dorekurai?).

Out September 17th, the single will be released in one edition.

Fans of Negicco are aware of the calm, traditional sound that they have. Thankfully, this release keeps that calm sound and adds a touch of ballad to help give it a solid sound to match Kaede’s voice.

A calm song deserves a calm video and that’s what we get. The MV is made up of several scenes of Kaede out in the city just riding the bus, walking around, riding the bus some more, and laughing. It’s an extremely relaxed video which matches the ballad tone of the song perfectly.

The single will be mainly available on vinyl through Tower Records until September 20th when it will be available digitally. Unfortunately no links to reserve it digitally are up yet, but for now we can at least check out this relaxing release below!

Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi (Made Ato Dorekurai?)
Kaede (Negicco)

negicco kaede ano musume cover


  1. Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi (Made Ato Dorekurai?)
  2. Sore mo Kitto Shiawase
  3. Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi (Made Ato Dorekurai?) (Instrumental)
  4. Sore mo Kitto Shiawase (Instrumental)