PassCode’s Imada Yuna On Hiatus Due To Health Issues

passcode imada yuna

PassCode member Imada Yuna will be on break from group activities due to health issues.

According to an announcement by the PassCode site, Yuna was recently diagnosed with an ovarian cyst during a routine medical examination. As a result she will be taking a break from all group activities and will be undergoing treatment in order to recover.

PassCode will continue group activities during this time with only 3 members.

Imada Yuna will return to the group on November 10th, just in time for PassCode’s ZENITH tour.

It’s hard to deny that Yuna is basically the heart of PassCode thanks to her amazing screaming vocals, so the fact that she will be out is certainly a blow to the group. However, her health is more important than performing and thankfully it seems like that all precautions are taken to make sure that she is well for her return.

Get well soon Yuna!

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