“S/mileage / ANGERME SELECTION ALBUM Taiki Bansei” Covers Released

The covers for ANGERME’s new album titled S/mileage / ANGERME SELECTION ALBUM Taiki Bansei have been released.

There will be three versions: Regular, Limited A with a Blu-ray with MVs and live performances selected by the members, and a Limited B version with a DVD with the full concert for ANGERME’s 2015 “Starting” Live Tour.

New album releases are always fun and this one is no exception. This one seems like it’s a best of album due to the title, but we will find out for sure once the complete tracklist is released.

Regardless the covers are amazing, with a unique theme for each one. Regular features a standard group shot with the members in white dresses. Limited A has a bit more of a grungy look with the members standing around Wada. Limited B is the standout, with the members standing in stylish poses against a white background.

So far I’m loving all of the covers, but I am curious as to why the Limited A and Limited B will be taller than the Regular cover. It might be due to the DVD and Blu-ray included in the release, but we will find out on November 25 when it’s released.

Source: Hello! Project