PassCode Rock Out With A Band In “Ray”

passcode ray

PassCode rock out with a band in the MV for their 3rd major single titled Ray.

Out May 23rd, the single will be released in 2 editions: Limited and Regular.

One shot MVs are simple, but if it comes from PassCode that means that we’re in for a treat. Thankfully that’s exactly what we get in their latest MV.

Taking place in a monochromatic room, we get to see PassCode as they dance in the middle of their trusty white haired band members. This time however, we get to enjoy some violin members that help add a level of classiness to the song. It’s not exactly the most complex release of them all but it does help us focus more on the song.

Speaking of the song, it’s a treat. There’s more of a ballad sound to it but the screaming vocals from Yuna help round it out as a true PassCode release. Add in the classical instruments from before and a slight touch of electronic to make a truly wonderful release for fans.

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Note: If you aren’t able to see the MV, check out the MV here on the PassCode Facebook page!

passcode ray cover limited


passcode ray cover regular


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