PASSPO☆ Is Disbanding

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PASSPO☆ have announced that they will be disbanding this September.

According to the official notice, the group had been discussing future activities since the end of last year. The group discussed their feelings and what they wished to do, ultimately deciding to part ways.

Negishi Ai mentioned that she wished to continue singing the songs of PASSPO☆ after disbanding, leaving some possibility of performing again in some way.

The members each commented on the disbanding mentioning how grateful they are for the past 9 years. They thanked their crew (fans) and asked for support for their final performance.

Their final performance will take place at Nakano Sun Plaza on September 22nd.

The group debuted back in 2009 as a group of 10 members. From there, the group lost 3 members (Sakuma, Okunaka, and Makita) and have performed with 7 members throughout their time together. They released their 1st single on March 2010 titled Let It Go!! under an indie label. Shortly after they debuted under Universal Japan in 2011.

While the news might be sudden, many fans seem to have expected this notice. Some members had stopped posting about PASSPO☆ on their social media, the releases began to slow down, and the performances were few and far between. Despite that, the group has managed to leave their mark in the idol world with their unique “flight attendant” theme and rock-focused music.

For now, we wish the best of luck to PASSPO☆ members and encourage fans to go to their final performance this September. Thank you for everything PASSPO☆!


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