Tokyo Girls’ Style Walk Through A Field In “kiss wa Agenai”

tokyo girls style kiss wa agenai

Tokyo Girls’ Style walk through a field in the MV for their new single titled kiss wa Agenai.

Out June 20th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

Tokyo Girls’ Style are back with another release and this time we get to enjoy a fun afternoon in the middle of a field. Yes, nature is the center of this classy release as we get to see the members dance among the trees and rest on the ground.

But, there are some additional scenes where we get to see the members wearing some classy outfits in the darkness. Why is it dark? Because sitting on a sofa is what Tokyo Girls’ Style does in their free time apparently. Despite that confusing theme, the scenes are all masterfully done with the right amount of light to make any fan smile.

The song kiss wa Agenai has an equally classy sound to it with a slow beat and some strong vocals from the members. It’s a tad slow at times, but the slow beat is exactly what makes this song so unique.

Make sure to wear your best dress while sitting in complete darkness to enjoy this MV!

kiss wa Agenai
Tokyo Girls’ Style

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