Yurumerumo! x DOTAMA Rap The Afternoon Away In “Freestyle Zenbu”

yurumerumo hippy mondays

You’ll Melt More, better known as Yurumerumo!, rap the afternoon away with DOTAMA in the MV for their track titled Freestyle Zenbu.

Out since May 9th, the track is part of their new single titled HIPPY MONDAYS EP.

After causing chaos as angels and devils in Okoranaide, Yurumerumo! are back with a chill beat that is sure to delight fans.

In this rapping delight we get to enjoy some delightfully slow vocals from the members and some completely random lines from DOTAMA. I’ll admit that I have no idea who DOTAMA is, but the first time he sang it did take me by surprise. Was he a new member who didn’t get introduced?

Thankfully the beauty of the scenes all helped calm my confusion. The scenes of the members singing from some stairs, the beach, and even the carnival at the end all seem so ordinary. This alone helped give the song a bit more of a down to earth feeling.

Yes, DOTAMA is distracting at times, but it’s still a relatively solid song from Yurumerumo! Make sure to check it out below and grab a copy of the EP if you haven’t already!


Freestyle Zenbu

yurumerumo hippy mondays cover


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