Yurumerumo! Play Angels and Devils In The MV For “Okoranaide”

yurumerumo hippy mondays

You’ll Melt More, better known as Yurumerumo!, play angels and devils in the MV for their track titled Okoranaide.

Out May 9th, the track is part of their new single titled HIPPY MONDAYS EP.

Yurumerumo! also announced the release of a best-of album titled Ongaku yo Maware!! MUSIC GO ROUND ~Yuru Best!~.

What do you get when you dress up Yurumerumo! in angel and devil outfits? An MV packed full of scenes where the members show off several situations where a devil causes havoc, of course. Yes, these scenes are all pretty fun and random, with my favorite being the completely out of place “intent to murder” scene.

The song is a bit harder to get into but nonetheless, it has some fun vocals along with a playful tone. Sure, it might not be the best song ever but it does the trick to go along with the funny scenes.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the single or best-of album is up for pre-order. But I strongly encourage everyone to check out the MV and give it a like to show your support!


yurumerumo hippy mondays cover


Natalie.mu| Yurumerumo! OHP