Keyakizaka46 “Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka” and “Yamanote Sen” MVs Released

Keyakizaka46 Silent Majority Cover Type A

Keyakizaka46 has released MVs for the coupling songs of their upcoming single titled Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka and Yamanote Sen.

Releasing April 6th, the two tracks are part of the single titled Silent Majority, which we got to find out more a few weeks ago.

While the two MVs might be locked to only show in Japan, the reports from fans seem to be positive. Instead of going for a more traditional idol release we instead get to see the group tied into a mystery and a story where they are left to figure out how they got to where they are.

If you are able to check them out make sure to do so since it seems like a solid step for this group, and while those of us outside of the US might be a bit out of luck (damn you region locking!) I still recommend you pick up a copy of the single if you like their past music since it seems like a more grown up style for them.


Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka

Yamanote Sen